Collection: Skincare in Summer

Summer is hot and long in Pakistan. The skin needs support to prevent hyperpigmentation, premature aging, sunburn, and dark spots. We recommend three products for summer; face wash, sunblock, and whitening cream.

The product's skin is needed to fight against extreme weather conditions. Sunblock gives the highest protection against strong UV sunray with 60 SPF. Facewash is best for cleansing in summer, and brightening cream will restore skin whitening.

Simple & Easy Summer Skincare Routine:

Every night wash your face with Elyglow Face Wash. Dry your skin and spread a thin layer of the brightening cream evenly on your face and neck. It will absorb. Let it remain during the night and wash it in the morning. 

During daytime apply Elysun Sunblock Cream over the face, neck, and any exposed areas at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.